The Beginnings of the “Wood Pile”

The story of the Wood family began some 11 years ago on a chilly, rainy December day. On that day, the first two pieces of the “Wood Pile” were brought together. Truly, though, the story begins even earlier than that day. Alison was converted to Christ in November of 1998, during her junior year of high school. About a year later, I (Adam) found the Savior (or rather, was found of Him) in August of 1999. It truly was God’s work and power to bring us together during our final year of high school at Tabernacle Christian School in Greenville, South Carolina. After high school and a 6-month period of training in the U.S. Marine Corps, Alison and I were married. The story was just beginning.

Additions to the “Wood Pile”

Over time more and more pieces were added to the Wood Pile. We now have 6 children and a dog. Our children are some of the greatest blessings bestowed upon us by our Lord. In order of appearance, not necessarily importance, we have:

Enter Cambodia

It became clear to us shortly after we were married that God wanted us to serve Him as missionaries. During my second year at Tabernacle Baptist College, during a missions conference at our home church, the Lord seemed to put His finger on the map to show us where exactly He wanted us to go. That place was the southeast Asian nation of Cambodia. We have been working in this nation of 14 million souls since November of 2008, some 6 years now. We can’t think of anything else we had rather be doing! We invite you to browse around to familiarize yourself with what has been happening in our ministry here.

Our Home Church

We are sent out of Choice Hills Baptist Church in Greenville, South Carolina. Our pastor is Dr. Stan Craig. Our home church also serves in the capacity of a mission agency for us and our work in Cambodia.