Ministry Update — August 19, 2015

In mid-June we arrived back in the US to begin our furlough. We have enjoyed getting reacquainted with family and friends, as well as our church. Our children especially have taken joy in meeting grandparents for the first time (as far as they remember).

The first few weeks here were spent preparing materials for coming meetings at churches, which now are in full swing. The Lord has already blessed in the churches we have visited. In the coming months we have plans to visit churches in South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New York, and Rhode Island. Please pray for our travels and meetings.

As part of our preparations for furlough Brother Matt Brown and I put together a video presenting the true-to-life Cambodian religion and the reason why Christians should consider taking the Gospel there. We are currently showing this video in churches that we visit. We would love for you to watch the video and prayerfully and seriously consider its message. You can view it below. Please pray with us that, if He is pleased, our Lord would use the video to call some of His people to preach the Gospel in Cambodia as missionaries.

Back in Cambodia, Grace Baptist Church is moving forward with the help of Brother Matt Brown. The Lord continues to take care of His church! A few weeks after we returned to America, Navy and Kanan, two kids whom we had been teaching, made professions of faith. Now Brother Brown is following up with them and their families, and seeing more opportunities to share the Gospel with them. Please keep Navy, Kanan, and their families in your prayers. There might be opportunity to start a kids ministry in Navy and Kanan’s village. Please pray for wisdom and fruit in this endeavor.

Kanan and Navy

If you remember, I reported that Ming At’s husband was in jail. He has since been released, for which we are thankful. Please pray for him to be saved. Another lady I have mentioned previously, Poch, is seriously ill. Please pray for her to be saved. One more soul who needs God’s salvation is Piev. He is Rith’s brother. He has been involved in witchcraft and has suffered under the devil’s control. He seemed to have opened up to Rith’s witness recently, so please don’t forget to pray for Piev.

Thank you for your unceasing prayers for our family and work.

Adam Wood

Author: Adam | August 20th, 2015

Prayer Letter — July 7, 2014

Greetings in the name of kind and faithful Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ! First of all, we want to express our gratitude to you all that have so closely followed my wife’s health issues. Thanks to God, she is doing much better! She still has longer term problems with headaches and her blood sugar. These things are manageable for her now. Thank you for faithfully praying for her.

Grace Baptist Church of Kampong Cham is about the same. Though we haven’t been growing numerically as I would like, I would be short-sighted to overlook the spiritual growth in our people. It has been a blessing to watch! This kind of sameness has offered me an opportunity to really try and teach our folks one-on-one to follow the Lord Jesus daily. They are witnessing to their family and friends and bringing them to church. We have been traveling through Acts in our services. It seems to be very helpful. “Ming Yesu” (Aunt Jesus), as one of our ladies is not-so-affectionately called by her neighbors, can identify with the experiences of the early Christians in Acts.

A couple months ago we held a special 4-day meeting with a guest preacher, Rodney Ruppel, a missionary veteran of 17 years here in Cambodia. He preached on the subject of the church to our people. Since that time, they have exhibited greater faithfulness not only to the services, but also more willingness to join in other ministries. My prayer over the last few months has begun to be, “Lord, give us your increase” (Col. 2:19). I want to ask all of you to join me in praying for this “increase of God” for our church in Kampong Cham, both spiritually and numerically. Another missionary put it like this: pray that God gives us disciples. That’ll work too.

There are a few names that I would also like you to keep before our Lord in prayer. Poch is a middle-aged lady who lives in Toul Srae village, where we have been teaching various people every Friday for a year or more. Poch was listened in a long time ago, but has recently shown renewed interest. She has a lot of confusion about Christianity in general, yet she wants us to teach her. So we are. Please pray that God would open her heart and mind to receive His truth—the truth. Another lady whom I have mentioned in previous correspondence is Srey. We taught her through the whole Gospel, which she then refused because of the potential persecution from her family. We still try and visit her from time to time and pray for her to be saved. Please help us pray for her.

Khmer Christian Radio, an Internet-based Christian radio station in Khmer that we have started, is now on air. Actually, it has been up and running for some time now, but we just recently went public with it. So, it is now available for any Khmer (or non-Khmer) that has an Internet connection. You can tune in at In the coming months we will hopefully begin adding new music and getting the word out to Khmer churches.

If you receive a hard-copy of this letter and would rather only receive it via email or social media, please let me know. Thank you so much for your prayers and support for our family. Fare ye well, dear brethren.

Due to some crazies harassing us via this blog, I am not posting a copy of our printable prayer letter. If you would like one to print out, please send me an email and I will get one to you.

Author: Adam | July 7th, 2014

Wood Family Update — October 27, 2013

The hand of the Lord has been evident here was we observe His persistent and great work in the lives of the people of Grace Baptist Church in Kampong Cham, Cambodia. In general we have seen a surge in personal growth of the people here. Not too long ago, several of our folks were having a hard time being faithful to church. When they didn’t show, others were discouraged, and so on. Those same people are now regulars and the Lord’s molding of their lives; in their attitudes, apparel and goals; is easily discernible. This has, in turn, encouraged others to become more faithful to church. Now, faithfulness to church, though important, is not an end in and of itself. We are constantly trying to ensure that they have a personal and private walk with the Lord as well. It is wonderful to see God’s work.

Chendamony has been inviting her friends to church regularly. One in particular, named Wuech, has been coming on Wednesdays and seems truly interested in the Lord. I ask you to pray for her to be saved. We are looking for a time to sit down with her and explain the Gospel to her. Monorith (Rith for short) had an opportunity to possibly attend one of the U.S. military academies for the 2014-2018 term. After much prayer, he decided that God wanted him to put it off for a year so that he would have a chance to serve the Lord, and that he has been doing indeed. Rith and I have been going weekly to a village called Tuol Srae to teach several folks there about Christ (This is Wutee’s village.). Rith has been especially teaching the children and a teenage young man who is very open to the Gospel. This fellow even reads the literature we gave him by candlelight at night because his village does not yet have electricity. During the week I am teaching Rith how to share the Gospel, and on Fridays he is going out there and putting it into practice. Please pray for our evangelism in Tuol Srae, that God would make Himself and His power known to the listeners. Myen is another lady whom I have been teaching about Christ. She is very poor, does not read or write Khmer and has HIV. She sometimes has a hard time following what I say. Nevertheless, I hear the Lord reminding me to continue to be patient in teaching her as long as she wants to hear. Please pray for her and another lady that have been listening to God’s Word.

As I mentioned before, our attendance in our services is improving as people have been inviting their friends and loved ones. Most exciting, though, is seeing our own folks making a point to seek Lord in the church, listen attentively and give offerings to God. We also have a single lady missionary, Grace Ortiz, and her friend Sina, that have been attending our church. They live here in Kampong Cham as well. Their regular attendance has been an encouragement to others to come faithfully as well. Since the rainy season is over, and the river level has dropped, in the near future, if God is willing, I am planning on leading our people to start some day-long outreach ministries to some other areas around our city. I could certainly use God’s wisdom, through your prayers, to know where, when and how to move forward.

I think I can safely say the work on the Khmer Bible concordance is moving forward. After a long hiatus because of some pretty difficult issues, we are moving forward with preparing a final version that will be sized suitable for print. For those interested, the Khmer concordance is at least twice the size of the English Strong’s Concordance, which creates a major printing problem. I hope we have resolved that. I know for a fact that some Khmer pastors will find a great deal of use in a tool like this, which does not yet exist for the Khmer Bible. Again, please pray for God’s wisdom in the steps forward.

Our family is well, despite some recent sicknesses. The Lord Jesus continues to sustain us and our family. We are all eagerly looking forward to a first-time visit by a family member (Adam’s dad) in December, Lord willing. Before we conclude, we want you to know that we would love to hear from you anytime. Fare ye well.

Author: Adam | October 27th, 2013

Brother Lot: Picture of the Corrupted Christian


If Lot, the patriarch Abraham’s famed nephew, was living in our day we would be hard pressed to find a reason to believe that he was truly converted. Even looking at God’s record of Lot’s life, it would be difficult to conclude that Lot knew the true God, except that God explicitly states that Lot was a just, or righteous, man. See 2 Peter 2:7-8:

…And delivered just Lot, vexed with the filthy conversation of the wicked: (for that righteous man dwelling among them, in seeing and hearing, vexed his righteous soul from day to day with their unlawful deeds;)

The fact that Lot is called “just” and “righteous” is significant. Lot was not righteous in a practical sense. He started out right but his end was woeful. (more…)

Author: Adam | March 3rd, 2013

Wood Family Update — Pastor Sakhaun

Greetings in the name of our Lord. This past Sunday we had our first guest preacher to preach to our people. Pastor Sakhaun is a Cambodian pastor who pastors a church in his home village and helps in another church, New Hope Baptist Church of Phnom Penh, with Rodney Ruppel and Sakhaun’s son-in-law Wang. (more…)

Author: Adam | January 28th, 2013

Year’s End Update

This year has brought a number of major developments in our work and family here in Cambodia. At the beginning of January 2012 our family moved about two and a half hours away from the capital city of Phnom Penh to Kampong Cham. This was a major move for our family, but a move that has blessed our family in a number of ways. Since our move we have been working at starting the Grace Baptist Church (ក្រុម​ជំនុំ​បាទីស្ទ​ព្រះ​គុណ/krom-joom-noom batis preah-kun) of Kampong Cham. We have covered (more…)

Author: Adam | December 31st, 2012

Good Witnessing Opportunities

Lately, our Lord has provided some excellent opportunities to explain the Gospel clearly to a number of people, in direct answer to our prayers. There is so very much devilish misinformation about true Christianity floating around this nation. So, it is such a blessing to show someone from the Bible what God says about Himself and His salvation. Let me tell you a few of them.

In the last update I mentioned a young lady named Srey Puv and her husband Narun. She is (more…)

Author: Adam | October 28th, 2012

Update — August 16, 2012

In many ways Cambodia is a land of “connections”. By this I mean that connections between people (whether family, friendships, acquaintances) go a long way here. As it turns out Ming At (who was baptized recently) is the mother of a girl who is best friends with the sister of another fellow named Rut who comes to church. They had no idea of the connection (more…)

Author: Adam | August 16th, 2012

A Prayer List for You

We are thankful to the Lord that we can report that we are all well, which is better than our last update. Since we first reported that we had started having meetings we have added the number to a total of three a week, two on Sunday and one on Wednesday. The folks who come regularly seem to have adjusted well. They are learning the songs (all of which are new to them) and getting used to the way we do things.

I want to give you a few names of folks with whom I have been teaching/working. I would like you to seriously pray for them. First, At is the lady that has trusted in the Lord already. I have told you about her before. She comes to church pretty regularly and wants to be baptized soon. Please pray the Lord would help her to grow and learn to follow Him.

At has two daughters, both in their twenties, named Thida and Srey Roat. Both of them come to church often and listen intently. I am working on sitting down with them and my wife and teaching them the Gospel clearly soon. Please pray for them both to be truly saved.

At also has two sons. One of them occasionally comes to church. His name is Somol. He is handicapped in his legs as a result of a childhood fever. Please pray for the Lord to work in his heart as well that he would come to the knowledge of the Savior.

Another missionary introduced me to Mony. She has recently moved from Phnom Penh back to Kampong Cham. She is about twenty-two. Although she has come to church some as well, she keeps a busy schedule in school, which at times is a hindrance. She also has a father that gives her an earful every time she returns home from church. Nevertheless, she seems like she loves God and wants to serve Him. Please pray that she would set time to feed herself in the assembly of the saints. We want to help her grow, God helping.

I have also been teaching a middle-aged lady named Maly for about 2 months now. She believes in the one true God, but is having a hard time accepting that her sin is a big problem to God. It is just a little bit, she says. She is indeed a nice lady, but nevertheless a guilty sinner to the true God. Please pray that God would convince her of sin and she would be saved. I have also had the chance to get to know her husband, son, and daughter. Recently her son has been sitting and listening while I teach her about Christ. So, there has been some progress with him also, I believe. He is about 21. His name is Sokia. Her daughter, oddly enough, showed up with Mony (above) the first time Mony came to church. I didn’t know who she was at the time. I am thankful to God for these connections (which are important in this culture). Please pray for this family and its members individually, that they would all come to know the one Savior of men, Christ Jesus.

Finally, we thank you so much for praying for our family and the work here. Rest assured that your involvement in praying for the work here is effectual. We certainly need that support in this battle. God bless you all.

In Christ’s Service,

Adam Wood and Family

Author: Adam | March 29th, 2012