Wood Family Update — December 5, 2016

December 5, 2016

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

We take joy in knowing that so many of your make our names and requests heard before the throne of God’s grace. He knows that we need His strength and help in such a great measure!

The children’s ministry continues to enjoy God’s blessing, even with its ebbs and flows. The Lord has given us a number of opportunities to make Christ known to the families of the kids. Please pray for Thuen and Ream. They are the parents of two of the kids. We have shared Christ with them extensively, and they know that they need to be saved. Yet they have not yet decided to repent and trust in Christ. Please pray for them. We so desire this family to know God’s forgiveness! Srey Ran is another young lady of about 14 from the kids’ ministry that we’ve been teaching. Please pray for her to understand and believe the gospel. Then there is Seang Hoang, Konitha, Kakada, Thona, Kakada, Meng Ly, Meng You, Sok Leap, Srey Neat, Navy, Reaksa, Lysa, Meng Ly, and others. These are, of course, just names to you. But they represent souls of precious children whom Christ wants to save! Please pray for them!

We met Srah, a lady of about 30, and her children while out evangelizing. She has had some exposure to the gospel, but still doesn’t seem to quite understand it. God seems to have given us an open door in her family. Her children have also come to the kids’ service. Please pray for her and for us as we make God’s salvation known to her and her family in the midst of thick spiritual darkness.

A group of Thai Christians is planning to visit us in January to see the Khmer church and the need for the gospel here. In preparation for their visit we have taken on a video recording project to produce DVDs for distribution at garment factories during shift change. We recorded a number of Khmer Christians giving their testimonies of God’s saving grace. It was such a blessing! Please pray for this endeavor and the group’s visit. We hope to share more about their visit in the future.

Thank you so much for your prayers. Brethren pray for us.

Adam, Alison, Joshua, Anna, Abigail, Charity, Isaiah, and Mary-Lynn Wood


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Author: Adam | December 5th, 2016


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