Wood Family Update — July 27, 2016

Our family has successfully transitioned back to life in Cambodia since our return on July 7. We’re glad for the chance to begin ministry with the Brown family to further reach Kampong Cham and Tbong Kmum with the gospel.

We met 17-year-old Net while out witnessing. He is learning to work on motorcycles. Net listened intently as we introduced him to the true God during our second visit with Him. As we return to his house in the next few days, please pray for his heart to be open to listen to the gospel. Please pray for there to be no distractions or hindrances as we visit him again.

Map is a young man we met who had been exposed to the gospel as a small child through the children’s ministry of a missionary in Phnom Penh years ago. He has not forgotten what he had learned about the Savior. We had the chance to water that long-sewn seed today. Please pray for Map as we meet him tomorrow for lunch to share God’s word with him further. Pray that God would open his heart to the gospel and remove any distractions.

Please pray for Kim. She is an older lady that we met who lives both here and in California. She has chosen to live in Cambodia part of the time because the weather here is better for some of her health issues. We had met her previously several years ago. Today, we had the chance to witness to her in English (with a small smattering of Khmer for completeness). She seemed open to the prospect of joining us for church on Sunday. Please pray for the Lord to keep the door open to witness to her, to open her heart and make her see her need for the Savior.

Please pray for Ket Loang, Sithaa, and Naren. These are other people that we have had to opportunity to witness to recently. They all need to be saved. They have various levels of interest in Christ and various hang-ups to trusting in Him.

In the coming weeks, we are planning to take survey trips to the “Red Dots” that we have mentioned in the past. We have some 12–14 places to visit. We ask you to pray that God would give us wisdom and boldness as we move forward with this work. More than anything, we ask you to pray that God would show his power in making the gospel known and lead us to the “son of peace” in each place whereby the gospel could be made fully known.

Thank you for your prayers.

Adam, Alison, Joshua, Anna, Abigail, Charity, Mary-Lynn, and Isaiah Wood

Philippians 1:6


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Author: Adam | July 27th, 2016


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