Ministry Update — October 31, 2015

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Since our last correspondence, through our Lord’s kind hand of protection, we have traveled about 5,000 miles safely, without even the slightest safety or mechanical issue. Our treks took us up to the cool and colorful states of New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Rhode Island. We had the chance to visit long-time friends and supporters and be encouraged by their expressions of appreciation and affection for us. We are—and forever hope to be—truly humbled. We have just a few more meetings in the coming months while we wind down to spend much-anticipated time with the family during the holidays. If you would like us to stop by your church in the coming months, please let us know.

Though we are here in the U.S., our hearts don’t travel far from our Cambodia. Grace Baptist Church continues by God’s grace and the work of Brother Matt Brown. God’s grace and leadership is evident in the Khmer Christians’ lives. The people are actively witnessing and trying to follow God’s leading. Soon, we hope Navy and Kanan will follow the Lord in baptism. Please pray for their family members to be saved as well (Kunthia and Roatna). Also, please pray for more open doors and receptive hearts for Brother Matt and the people at the church to witness to the lost.

As a result of an unpleasant visit with an ear, nose and throat doctor in Cambodia, Alison will be visiting another doctor here to try and correct some long-term ear damage she has been dealing with. This ordeal might require surgery. Please pray for her visit in late November, that God would provide wisdom and healing.

While we were in western Pennsylvania at a church, we met a lady from a group of people that are trying to start a church in that area. They already have a core group and meeting place where they meet on Wednesdays. They also have various ministries in progress. What they do not have—and need most—is a leader. They need a church planter to jump in with both feet to establish the church. If you know of anyone that might be interested in stepping up to help plant this church, please contact me.

family photo at missions conference

Thank you for your unceasing prayers for our family and work.

The Wood Family
Philippians 1:6


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Author: Adam | November 1st, 2015


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