He Shall Sprinkle Many Nations

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So shall he sprinkle many nations; the kings shall shut their mouths at him: for that which had not been told them shall they see; and that which they had not heard shall they consider.

Coincidentally enough, in my personal Bible reading I just happened to be at the well-known place in Isaiah in which the Lord is talking about his “righteous servant,” who is none other than our Lord Jesus Christ. I love and appreciate when the Lord’s timing in my Bible reading is spot-on.

In this verse (Isaiah 52:15) I was struck by such a clear declaration that Christ would save the Gentiles. To the Jewish mind in the New Testament times, it seems that was totally not on the radar, even a point of great contention (Acts 22:21-22). Yet, in the Scripture it is plainly recorded. Praise the Lord! The word “sprinkle” hearkens back to the sacrifices in which the priests would sprinkle the blood of the sacrifices on the various instruments in the performance of their duties (Leviticus 1:5; etc.).

Another thing in this verse that was a blessing to read was how that the ignorant would see and consider. In the context, it seems to be referring to the Gentiles and their kings. If there is a verse of Scripture that rings true in the country to which I have been called, it is this one. Here in Cambodia there is so much misinformation about who Christ is and what He has done. I seems like almost no one understands how our Lord “sprinkled many nations,” notwithstanding all of the crusades, Jesus movies, etc. Yet this is exactly what this verse is saying.

Some seven hundred years before Jesus Christ was born, God led the prophet Isaiah to proclaim that the Gentiles would hear that which they had never heard, see that which they never seen, and consider that which they had never considered. This is being fulfilled in our very day here in Cambodia and all over the world. It is being fulfilled in places awash with ignorance about Christ’s great sacrifice. Of course, many people around here know a little about Jesus, but what Christ truly has done is almost totally unknown.

However, there are some that have heard and seen. There are some that have understood and considered. For dozens of generations, their forefathers have dwelt in darkness. Yet now, in a moment, they see it! They understand it! They believe it! This is the joy of being in God’s field: showing people that Christ has already sprinkled them. It is illuminating the truths of the Gospel, the great truths found in the 53rd of Isaiah.

So, I’m curious. Why haven’t you seriously considered going out into the field to tell those “many nations” what Christ has done for them? Why haven’t you put your strength to the task of piercing the darkness for the name of that righteous Servant whose soul was made an offering for sin? Why haven’t you taken, personally, the Gospel light to those in darkness (Matthew 4:16) that they abide not still in the midnight of ignorance?

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Author: Adam | April 19th, 2014


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