Wood Family Update: February 10, 2014

There are a number of people that we would like to ask you, our helpers in prayer, to remember in your prayers for us and our ministry here in Cambodia. The first is Wuech. I have mentioned her in past updates. She was brought to church initially by a young lady in the church. She has come mostly off and on, but has not yet trusted in the Lord. She has a home situation which is a bit complex, which at times hinders her from coming to church, and might cause her a bit of reluctance to trust in Christ. Please pray that she would keep coming and seeking the Lord, and that she would trust in the Savior.

Wany is a young man whom Rut and I met in a nearby village called Tuol Srae. He has shown interest in knowing more about the Lord, and has read almost everything we have given him. The difficulty is that it has been hard for us to find a time that he is available to study further. Please pray that God would open a window in his schedule for him to study further, and that God would continue to draw Him to the Savior.

Srey is a middle-aged lady that Rut and I met while passing out tracts in a village on the way to Tuol Srae. We have been teaching her through the Gospel for a couple of weeks now. She has told us how, though she does not who God is, she has prayed to Him for protection and success in her business. It is such a blessing to see God’s obvious hand in seeking the lost, even though they know almost nothing of Him. Please ask God to continue to keep Srey’s heart open and receptive to the truths of the Gospel as we continue to teach her. Please pray for her to be saved.

A new family has recently been visiting our church, Sophiep and her husband and children (I’m not sure of her husband’s name). According to her testimony, she has been saved a number of years now and has studied the Bible. You can tell she has quite a knowledge of the Bible. I belive the same is true of her husband. Please pray for them to continue to follow God’s will and become involved in Grace Baptist Church, as the Lord directs.

Some of you might have heard of protests and unrest Phnom Penh in recent days. While protests certainly have been held, almost all of them have been far from us. Nevertheless, please continue to pray for peace and stability here in Cambodia. Lastly, we ask you to pray that God would continue to provide new contacts to teach the Gospel further, and for our family to be faithful and diligent in the work that God has given to us. Without Him, we most surely can do nothing.

We would love to hear from you anytime. Thank you for your continued intercession for us. Fare ye well.


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Author: Adam | February 10th, 2014


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