Wood Family Update — Jehovah-jireh

Greetings in the name of Jehovah-jireh!

Our God has provided so much for us, the most important of which was His salvation through Christ by His grace. Shame on us for so frequently forgetting all his benefits. I would like to tell you about one more. For the past 9 months our family has been asking God to provide a van for our family, both individually and in our corporate prayer. We have never had a reliable vehicle of our own in Cambodia these nearly 5 years we have been here. Since we live in the province, traveling to Phnom Penh for monthly grocery runs or doctor visits has been difficult and expensive. This reality has weighed very heavy on us, and on me (Adam) in particular. When we prayed, we didn’t tell anyone about our need, other than close personal friends and our Lord. I specifically asked God to provide in a way that my kids could see it plainly.

A church in California, whom we have never met, contacted a close missionary friend of ours here. They had sold a piece of property and decided to give a portion of the price to help missionaries in primarily Buddhist countries. They asked our friend if he had any needs and to ask around to see if any other missionaries had any needs. Our friend thought of us almost instantly, because he had been praying for us to get a vehicle. Long story short, the church in California generously gave us a substantial amount of money for our needs, which, with some of our money, was sufficient to buy a van for our family, which was by far our biggest and most pressing need. This church did not know us. We did not ask anyone for a penny or hint at it even once in a prayer letter. We asked Jehovah-jireh (“the LORD will provide”). He heard our voices and kindly answered our prayer. Praise His Name!! We bought a 1997 Hyundai Starex similar to the one here. It seats our entire family comfortably, has no mechanical issues and is in good shape. Thank God for His kindness and for the kindness of His people.

As for other news, both Rut and Tevy were baptized a couple of Sundays ago after a morning church service. They both seem to be growing in the Lord. Yet they still need your prayers. At the moment Rut is working on a program that might allow him to enter one of the U.S. military academies. However, he is having some difficulty in discerning what God would have him to do. Of course, on its face, it looks like a great idea. But we know that God’s will is most important. Rut knows this too. Please pray that the Lord would give him guidance and that he would follow it. Tevy is constantly telling us how her life has changed since she trusted in Christ. We are so thankful to God to see people’s lives changed by the finger of God. Please continue to pray for her and her family.

Wutee is another man that called on the Lord to save him a couple of months ago, whom I have mentioned previously. He has moved out to a village about a half hour (if the weather is good) from our home. He has been inviting some of the people in the village to come hear about Jesus when I come to visit him. The weather has not been cooperating lately, however. Please pray for this opportunity to preach the Gospel.

The growth of Grace Baptist Church here is slow. Yet we continue to press forward and witness to both small and great. We have had a few visitors come to church that our people invited. We are praying for more interested contacts and for grace to preach the Gospel to those with whom we have already contacted. Please continue to pray for this endeavor.

I saved the bad news for last. My wife appears to have come down with a kidney infection. She is already on medicine for it and we are trusting the Lord to heal her. As you can imagine, she wants to be up and about doing her duties. But, sometimes the Lord teaches us through sickness. So, please pray for her to get better quickly.

We appreciate those that pray for us. God bless you all.


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Author: Adam | September 16th, 2013


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