Wood Family Update — Pastor Sakhaun

Greetings in the name of our Lord. This past Sunday we had our first guest preacher to preach to our people. Pastor Sakhaun is a Cambodian pastor who pastors a church in his home village and helps in another church, New Hope Baptist Church of Phnom Penh, with Rodney Ruppel and Sakhaun’s son-in-law Wang. sakhaunPastor Sakhaun was saved in the middle of 1999 through the ministry of Brother Ruppel. Since then, he has grown into a faithful man of God and example of God’s grace. He is well-known and respected among the Baptists here.

In the morning meeting, Brother Sakhaun preached from Luke 14:16-20 about the kinds of excuses people make for not serving the Lord or believing the Gospel. In the afternoon he preached from James 4:13-16 about boasting of tomorrow. He urged the lost in our midst to not wait until tomorrow to trust in Jesus. Though Cambodians pastors are not hard to come by, yet truly faithful Cambodian pastors are a rare breed indeed. I was excited to introduce our people to one of them. Several people commented how much that he helped them. He is able to put things in clear language that sometimes evades me, as well as other sakhaun-samaatforeigners.

There were some folks that came out to the meetings on Sunday that hadn’t been in a while. Also, one returned on Sunday afternoon that had never been in the second service. Please continue to pray for these, specifically Thida, Narun, Huv, Dayvy and Ra, that they would be saved. We continue to work with them and urge them to turn to the Lord. We need God’s wisdom.

Also, the Lord has blessed us with a small group of listeners on the Kah Paen island in the middle of the Mekong River. I met them a few weeks ago while out witnessing. Last week, they listened attentively and asked questions as I introduced them to the true God. Tomorrow, I am planning on meeting with them again. Sorry, I don’t have names at this time. Nevertheless, please spend some time in prayer for them to be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth, and for me to have God’s wisdom as I teach them.

Thank you all for your prayers. Please keep them coming. Fare ye well.

Adam Wood & Family


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Author: Adam | January 28th, 2013


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