The Work Continues

We thank the Lord for more open doors of opportunity to continue to teach the Gospel of Christ to those who do not yet know Him. A number of times per week, we leave the house with the express purpose of getting the Gospel out to any and all that will listen. We pass tracts, talk to people about the true God and Savior, Jesus Christ, and about their souls. It is getting beyond that initial step that sometimes takes time. There are other times, however, in which we make scheduled and/or specific visits to some that have shown interest in knowing more about the Savior of men.

As mentioned in our last correspondence, Srey Puv and her husband are still on our prayer list. Srey Puv has made it out to church with her children some, for which we are thankful. We are asking the Lord to teach her to be faithful, not only to the church meetings, but also to the Lord Himself. Her husband, Narun, is still halting between two opinions. Recently, some things have happened in Narun’s life that have pressed him to the point that he has sought the Lord some. Praise the Lord for that. Please pray that he will be saved. Praise the Lord, he is open to talk about Christ and His salvation. Please also continue praying for his wife and their children as we try to lead them in God’s will.

Another family has also visited with us for a church service, that of Danii and Huv. Since then, I have met with Huv the husband and taught him some from God’s Word. He has a background in some sect of Christianity, though I am unclear which. Seems a little odd. Please pray for both Huv and Danii that they will both be found of the Savior.

Outside of these whom we see regularly there are a number of other people to whom we have explained the Gospel clearly and invited them to learn more. Please pray for these in general that God would refuse to leave them alone about the serious matters of eternal life and judgment to come. The church is going pretty well with the few we have, for whom we are thankful. They are learning to be faithful to church and to look to their Savior Who is all in all and all they need. We are also looking into renting a small building for the sole purpose of a separate meeting place. Please pray with us about that.

In just ten short days, my wife and I will celebrate 12 years of marriage. She is truly a great blessing, help and companion to me. Right now we are between two milestones, the newlywed milestone and the silver milestone. It is lovely getting to know this lady more and more and learning to love her better and better. She loves the work here and her place in it.

We love you all in our Lord Jesus Christ. Fare ye well.

Adam Wood and Family


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Author: Adam | December 6th, 2012


  • Linda Byce says:

    What an inspiration.
    I believe with all my heart that we are all on this earth for two reasons, To Serve God and To Help Others.
    I Pray that Doors will continue to open. That you and Your Family will be Blessed far beyond your dreams.
    Merry Christmas to You All.
    (So glad my cousin shared your website)

  • Amy Kain says:

    Happy Anniversary! I am praying for you all. We love you!

  • Adam says:

    @Linda: Thank you. I’m glad she shared it too :-).
    @Amy: Good to hear from you. We so appreciate your prayers.

  • Kim keenan says:

    I can’t believe you and Alison have been married 12 years! It seems like yesterday we were planning the wedding. You two are truly what marriage should be about. I love you both very much and wish you a very Happy Anniversary!!!! Mom

  • Dee Dee Kovac says:

    First of all, thank you so much for answering God’s call to Cambodia. It amazes me to know that before you were even born He knew that you, Brother Adam, and you, Alison, would end up married and serving in Cambodia. Oh, what an amazing God we have! Praise Him, Praise Him! Happy Anniversary! May God Bless you beyond measure for all you do in Christ’s name. Please know that you are ALL loved a nd appreciated. God Bless you and Merry Christmas! In Christ, Dee Dee Ps. 37:5

  • Stephen Holt says:

    Great work,
    Keep on contending Brother. He’s the only one worthy of your time.
    Your brother in Sierra Leone

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