Good Witnessing Opportunities

Lately, our Lord has provided some excellent opportunities to explain the Gospel clearly to a number of people, in direct answer to our prayers. There is so very much devilish misinformation about true Christianity floating around this nation. So, it is such a blessing to show someone from the Bible what God says about Himself and His salvation. Let me tell you a few of them.

In the last update I mentioned a young lady named Srey Puv and her husband Narun. She is a Christian, but he is not, though he has spent substantial time in a church. They have two children, one of whom is a girl that appears to have Autism. Over the past several weeks Srey Puv has come to church with her daughter. In the meantime, I have visited her husband and have been both reminding him of the truth and urging him to trust in the true and living God. He has a great deal of pull from his mother, who is a Buddhist. Also, Srey Puv and Narun are having some pretty significant marital problems. Please pray for this couple, and especially Narun, that he would be converted.

This morning Srey Puv came to church and brought a friend with her. This friend, Davii, has a set of twins. I was surprised when I asked the names of the girls: Srey Muey and Srey Pii (any Khmer-speaker is probably chuckling at this point :-). Srey means girl. Muey and Pii mean one and two respectively. So, their names are Girl 1 and Girl 2. No, I am not kidding. Anyhow, she has apparently been interested in hearing more about Christ. She seemed to listen intently. Please pray for futher opportunity to witness to Davii and her family.

For the past month or so I have been talking to a fellow who is a barber, whom I mentioned in our last update. His questions are becoming more and more important and serious. He has a mother who lives at the Buddhist pagoda and does not want him to be a Christian. It seems there is always an agent of Apollyon standing by to drag people away from the truth, or snatch the truth away from them, just as in the Parable of the Sower. Oddly enough, I still do not know his name. Please pray for the barber to trust in the Lord Jesus Christ.

God has opened doors to witness thoroughly to a number other people. One is a high-school chemistry teacher. Another two are career soldiers. Another two are a road builder and his wife. We are constantly in need of prayer for these types in general that the Word of God would do a work in their hearts and lives.

In closing, there are a few points of bad news. Rut, whom I have mentioned several times before, has drifted away from church and our family. Also, Srey Lii, who used to study with the Jehovah’s (false) Witnesses has also lost interest. We pray that the Lord will awaken these souls to come to Him.

Thank you so much for constantly remembering us in your prayers, as many of you do. What a priviledge to be the subject of so much heaven-ward conversation! We love you in Christ, whom we pray will bless you with grace and mercy immeasureable. Fare ye well.

Adam Wood and Family


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Author: Adam | October 28th, 2012


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