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Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I want to bring you up-to-date on a couple of people with whom we have been working and ask you to pray for them. First of all, last time I mentioned Srey Puv. She is a Christian but she is married to a man who isn’t following the Lord at all, though at one time he used to claim to be a Christian. As it turns out, it seems that he simply has not been converted. My wife and I had a chance to meet him and hope in the future he would be willing to allow us to show him the Savior clearly. Meanwhile, we have been trying to minister to his wife and their daugther, who apparently has something like Autism. She has repeated told us that she wants to come to church. Her present situation and the problems with her daughter have made a number of things difficult with her, her husband, and her family. Please pray that Srey Puv would indeed begin to come to church and under the teaching of God’s Word so that she can grow. Pray that we can help this family with their daughter and also minister to her husband, Narun, that he would be saved.

The second person is a man named Tieng. He is a van taxi driver between this province and another. My meetings with him have been very spotty because he is here sometimes and elsewhere sometimes. Last night I was able to meet with him for two and a half hours. He had lots of questions, many answers for which there is no way to answer softly. For instance, “When we don’t have customers and we burn incense and call the monks to come chant to get more customers, we get more. Why is that?” In summary, members of his family, likely including his wife, who was there listening, are not happy that he is studying about the Lord. They do not want him to become a Christian, that is, unless he can worship devils and worship God at the same time (2 Cor. 6:14-16). This is like iron shackles to him. He also has a strong tug from his culture with the fact that Khmers are Buddhists. Further, he is genuinely afraid of the spirits that he worships. He is afraid if stops worshipping them his kids will get sick, etc. I tried to patiently work through these things with the truth of God’s Word. As is plain to see, he is bound by the devil on many fronts. The good news is that he seems to be seriously considering what I say concering salvation, repentance, and Christ, even talking to his family about it. He truly needs a supernatural deliverance from God. Please join me in entering into warfare against our adversary, the devil, for the sake of this man’s soul, and that of his family, through the power of God by prayer. I hope to be able to report to you that he has cast off the works of death to trust in Christ.

We had good meetings today with the Word of God attentively received. Praise our Lord! Please continue to pray for Ming At and her growth in the Lord. Lord bless you all. Fare ye well.

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Author: Adam | September 9th, 2012


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