Update — August 16, 2012

In many ways Cambodia is a land of “connections”. By this I mean that connections between people (whether family, friendships, acquaintances) go a long way here. As it turns out Ming At (who was baptized recently) is the mother of a girl who is best friends with the sister of another fellow named Rut who comes to church. They had no idea of the connection until they saw each other at church. It is a blessing because it creates a kind of cohesion amongst the people that come to this new church. Ming At has been inviting people she knows to come to church and trying to witness to others as well. Praise the Lord!

As for Rut, I had a meeting with him today for the purpose of talking to him about where he stands with God. He had practically no salvation testimony. His mom had taken him to a Christian church when he was younger and he was baptized with his mother. He had went to church off and on since then. His mother passed away from cancer a little more than a year ago. After that, he started going back to church. Through another connection (Ming Maly, about whom I have written before) he found our house and began to come to our church meetings. Since his salvation was unclear, we had this meeting. Though he did believe that Jesus is the one true God, he still thought salvation was by good works (very common among “Christians” here). After about an hour and a half meeting he called on the Lord to save him. It is obvious from his own testimony that God has been working in his heart long before we came to Cambodia. He said in the last few months he became convinced that Jesus was the true God. Praise the Lord for His work! Please pray for Rut.

The other day while out witnessing Alison and I ran across a young lady named Srey Puv. She immediately told us that she was a Christian. She is married to a policeman who, though he used to profess to be a Christian, has since went back into sin and various aspects of Buddhism. She was plainly troubled about it. She said she hadn’t found a church since moving to Kampong Cham. So, she seemed interested in coming to church with us. We also asked her about coming to see her husband in the future to meet and talk to him. Please pray for Srey Puv and her husband Narun.

We continue to have about the same crowd in church services. We are praying that the Lord will add to our number so others can hear the Word of God as well. Currently, we are taking our time teaching through the Sermon on the Mount from Matthew 5 through 7.

Thank you all for your prayers. Please keep them coming and send us a note anytime!

Adam Wood and Family


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Author: Adam | August 16th, 2012


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