First Baptism

Today we had our first baptism here in Kampong Cham. Actually, there were a number of “firsts”. After our regular morning service, everyone went to a hotel in town to watch the baptisms in the pool there. Ming At was baptized along with both Joshua and Anna, the first of our children to be baptized. It was such a blessing to have the chance to speak to my children before the fact and ensure that they fully understood both salvation and baptism. It was also a blessing for them to be baptized as a part of our work’s first baptism here. Furthermore, there were a number of hotel employees standing around watching it all.

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Once the baptisms were all finished, we all headed back to eat together. This was our first potluck. Some folks brought food and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Thank you for your continued prayers for Ming At and her family.

For Our Worthy Lord’s Sake,

Adam Wood & Family


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Author: Adam | August 5th, 2012


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