Update on the Update

Thank you for your prayers for the people I mentioned in our last update. Ming At is planning on being baptized this Sunday after our morning service. We were able to find a (hopefully) suitable location for the baptism. She is glad that it is not in the Mekong River! Also, our oldest two children are also wanting to be baptized at the same time.

Ming At’s son, Samol, has also told her that he has believed in Christ. I haven’t spoken to him about it personally, so I can’t be very specific on the matter. Hopefully I will have a chance to talk to him about it at length soon. Please pray for him.

Please continue to pray for Tieng, whom I mentioned in our previous update. I caught up with him in Kampong Cham. The Lord opened a wonderful opportunity to teach him about the Lord. He seemed very open and asked lots of questions. Also, it was evident that his sister had been reading the literature that I had given to them. Please continue to pray for Tieng and his family, that the devil would not be able to snatch the Word from their hearts, and that he and his family would trust in the Lord Jesus.

Thank you for your prayers. We would love to hear from you: gospeltocambodia@gmail.com or 864-343-1725 (call to South Carolina). Lord bless you all.

For Our Worthy Lord’s Sake,

Adam Wood & Family


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Author: Adam | July 31st, 2012


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