So Much. Where to Begin?

The past couple of weeks have seen the Lord’s blessing. So, allow me to just dive in.

Please pray for Ming At. She is the lady that was saved several months ago. Since returning from an extended stay out of town she has been faithful to come to the assembly of the saints, even in the face of difficulties. She has also been reading her Bible. Continue to pray for her growth in the Lord.

Please pray for Samol, Ming At’s son. He was sent to jail rightfully, but is now being held there still by the money of a wealthy person. Shameful situation. Pray for the Lord to solve this problem.

Please pray for Mony. Her time is exhausted by study of a number of different subjects, including the Korean language. Her time is so exhausted the often didn’t come to church. This Wednesday, for the first time I am aware of, she missed her class to come to church. This is a good step forward for her, and one for which we thank our Lord.

Please pray for Mony’s mother and father. We went to visit them for the first time today. Her father is a rather staunch Buddhist who also practices witchcraft from time to time as means of additional income. In fact, about a quarter of their house is a huge spirit altar. My wife and I didn’t know what to expect given the background info and his history of antagonism to the Gospel. Thanks be to the Lord, we had a great visit with Mony’s family, including her father. They asked us to come back allow them to meet our children. He even listened rather intently as we talked to Him about our Lord. I don’t have his name, but please pray for Mony’s mom and dad to trust in Christ.

Please pray for Kim. She is a lady (about 60 or so) Alison and I met today who has lived in the United States for a while. She speaks English pretty well. Though a Methodist church sponsored her to go to the United States, she knew little of the Gospel. Alison had the chance to witness to her in English. Please pray for her to be saved.

Please pray for a couple in the same apartments as Kim. The young couple told me that they were Christians. When they lived in Phnom Penh the fellow said that he went to a Baptist church (kind of rare). They seemed interested in coming to church. Please pray for them to continue to seek the Lord and that God would be glorified in them.

Please pray for Tieng and his family. A week ago my wife and I met him and his family. He is from another province but drives a van taxi to and from Kampong Cham. We caught him on a day that he was staying a night in Kampong Cham. He and his family graciously received us. I told him I would bring some books about the Lord back for them to read. When I went back they took the books and began reading them while I was there. It was a blessing. Tieng told me that I could come back and teach him about our Lord further. Please pray for him and his family to understand the Gospel and be saved.

Please pray for a lady and her two daughters that Alison and I met while out visiting. She told us that all three of them are Christians but her husband is not. I invited them to come to church, to which they responded well. I have not been able to catch them at home again since that day, but will continue trying. Pray that the Lord would allow us to get to know them and teach them about Him further, and witness to her husband.

Please pray for a visitor that came to church with Ming At. He is a friend to At’s son. He came on Sunday, both morning and evening, and seemed to intently listen. I don’t think he is saved, so pray for him to be saved and for an open door to explain the Gospel to him clearly.

Please pray for Rit and Ming Eng. Rit is about 22 or so. Eng is about 55 and Ming At’s older sister. Both of them want to come to church, but are hindered in various ways. Rit just returned from a job that had him away from Kampong Cham. Eng works every Sunday during church time. Where they stand with the Lord is a little cloudy, mostly because I haven’t had a chance to get them to explain it clearly to me. Please pray for both of them to make sure they are truly Christians, and that they would follow God’s will.

I think I covered most of the bases. I praise God for His grace in recent days in opening many doors to witness to people more fully, and meet people that might already be Christians. The work continues, and we joyfully join the fray! We would love for you to come see it first hand! Lord bless you all!

For Our Worthy Lord’s Sake,

Adam Wood & Family

P.S. – I came across some really worthy music…hymns written in recent years and put to good music. You would do your soul a favor to check out this website and read through and listen to their hymns. All the hymns are royalty free. It is:

P.P.S. – The Khmer concordance in a digital format is out in circulation now. If you would like to try it out just for kicks you can download it here:


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Author: Adam | July 19th, 2012


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