A Prayer List for You

We are thankful to the Lord that we can report that we are all well, which is better than our last update. Since we first reported that we had started having meetings we have added the number to a total of three a week, two on Sunday and one on Wednesday. The folks who come regularly seem to have adjusted well. They are learning the songs (all of which are new to them) and getting used to the way we do things.

I want to give you a few names of folks with whom I have been teaching/working. I would like you to seriously pray for them. First, At is the lady that has trusted in the Lord already. I have told you about her before. She comes to church pretty regularly and wants to be baptized soon. Please pray the Lord would help her to grow and learn to follow Him.

At has two daughters, both in their twenties, named Thida and Srey Roat. Both of them come to church often and listen intently. I am working on sitting down with them and my wife and teaching them the Gospel clearly soon. Please pray for them both to be truly saved.

At also has two sons. One of them occasionally comes to church. His name is Somol. He is handicapped in his legs as a result of a childhood fever. Please pray for the Lord to work in his heart as well that he would come to the knowledge of the Savior.

Another missionary introduced me to Mony. She has recently moved from Phnom Penh back to Kampong Cham. She is about twenty-two. Although she has come to church some as well, she keeps a busy schedule in school, which at times is a hindrance. She also has a father that gives her an earful every time she returns home from church. Nevertheless, she seems like she loves God and wants to serve Him. Please pray that she would set time to feed herself in the assembly of the saints. We want to help her grow, God helping.

I have also been teaching a middle-aged lady named Maly for about 2 months now. She believes in the one true God, but is having a hard time accepting that her sin is a big problem to God. It is just a little bit, she says. She is indeed a nice lady, but nevertheless a guilty sinner to the true God. Please pray that God would convince her of sin and she would be saved. I have also had the chance to get to know her husband, son, and daughter. Recently her son has been sitting and listening while I teach her about Christ. So, there has been some progress with him also, I believe. He is about 21. His name is Sokia. Her daughter, oddly enough, showed up with Mony (above) the first time Mony came to church. I didn’t know who she was at the time. I am thankful to God for these connections (which are important in this culture). Please pray for this family and its members individually, that they would all come to know the one Savior of men, Christ Jesus.

Finally, we thank you so much for praying for our family and the work here. Rest assured that your involvement in praying for the work here is effectual. We certainly need that support in this battle. God bless you all.

In Christ’s Service,

Adam Wood and Family


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Author: Adam | March 29th, 2012


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