Church Meetings Started

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. We have officially begun having church services on Sundays. Actually, today was the third week we have held meetings. There is a funny story surrounding the way the meetings began. A few weeks ago I wrote to you about the lady, Kum At, that recently received Christ. Well, the very next Sunday morning I was in my office preparing for a service with just our family like we had done before. I got a phone call from this lady telling me that she was at our gate for the church service, with her two daughters. So, needless to say I quickly prepared to change gears to teach in Khmer instead of English. We have had a service every Sunday since. We hope to add some more meetings during the week soon.

Kum At seems to be growing. She has already read the book of John that gave her. She now has a Bible and has begun reading Genesis and Exodus. In the near future I hope to talk to her about baptism. Praise the Lord for His work in her life.

Please pray about our visiting work. It can be a slow process here to get people to put aside their many preconceived ideas about Christ and Christianity and open up to hear the truth. Recently I have had several solid opportunities to explain the Gospel clearly to some people. Praise the Lord for that. Pray that the Lord would open hearts and save souls as we go out and broadcast his Gospel.

A little over a week ago Abigail (6 years) was scalded pretty severely with some hot tea. There were no complications and her hand has been healing nicely. Other than that there is little else to report concerning our family. Everyone is healthy and well, for which we thank our God.

As always, and sincerely, thank you for your prayers for all of us.

Adam Wood


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Author: Adam | February 12th, 2012


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